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I use and recommend Robinhood for investing in the US stock market. I strictly use limit orders only to buy or sell. I also suggest turning on two factor authentication for the app. Use my referral link to get a free stock.

Amex Card
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My go-to credit card with the best offers. I have a Delta (best airline) Gold Card, covers me for most flights and lots of miles and in-flight convenience for my domestic travel. Use my referral link to get 35,000 Delta miles.

Discover Card
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Easy to get as a student, I now use it only for the 5% cashback on categories. I got $300 in my first year as cashback bonus which I used to buy an Apple watch. I also have their savings account. Use my referral link to get $50 credit.

Chase Bank
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My criteria to choosing a bank for my primary needs were: availability of branches, ATMs across the US and good customer service. Chase does not disappoint me in either. Use my referral link to get $200 statement credit.

Remitly (Here)
TransferWise (Here)

I transfer money to EUR or INR often and I use the best of the two service depending on the exchange rate and service fee. I always calculate for "effective rate" while comparing between these two services. Feel free to use my referral links!

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The Office (U.S.)

BoJack Horseman

Mad Men


Breaking Bad

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