Winner, ITA Challenge 2019
Chicago, 2019

Selected as a Scholar in the finale in the top 40 in the US for the #codelikeawoman hackathon held in October 2019 in Chicago. Won the best hack for presenting StandBY, a solution to cyberbullying
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Scholar, Grace Hopper Conference 2019
Orlando, 2019

Selected as a Grace Hopper Scholar for the 4 day conference held in October 2019 in Orlando, Florida. Met several leaders, like minded students and pioneers of the tech industry. [Announcement]

Best TA Award 2018-19, Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, 2019

Selected for an Excellence as a Teaching Assistant award for the academic year 2018-2019. TA'ed for 2 courses - CSE 260 and CSE 160 with Prof. Paul Fodor.

Class Topper, Spanish Level A1
Mumbai, 2018

With 98 on 100, scored the highest marks in Spanish Level A1 at Hispanic Horizons.

Guest Lecturer, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology
Mumbai, 2018

Spoke on "Understanding Git" for an hour. Included a dummies explanation of how git works. Gave a hands on demo to start using git right away, and thus introduce it for sophomores.

Speaker, Rakuten Technology Conference
Fukuoka, 2017

One hour presentation on "Deep Diving into Machine Learning" where I covered various technical aspects of Machine Learning Algorithms. Discussed supervised and unsupervised learning including reinforcement and deep learning.
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Speaker, Rakuten Technology Conference
Fukuoka, 2016

Spoke on "Secure your apps with biometrics" for an hour. Included an explanation of hardware and software aspects of the technology. Made a quick review of how it works differently for Android phones. Concluded with how one can integrate this feature on iOS apps.

Organizer, Rakuten Technology Conference
Fukuoka, 2015

Organized RTC in the Fukuoka Office for 2015 edition. Main tasks included publicity, registration, designing (flyer and handouts) and mic.

Magazine Secretary
SPark Volume 1, Mumbai, 2015

Magazine Secretary to the first issue of SPark, the annual college magazine of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology. Edited, designed, publicized and overlooked a team of 20 members to make the magazine a huge success. About 2000 copies were published and distributed.

Runner Up
CIMA Global Business Challenge
Warsaw, 2015

Runners Up of 2500+ teams across the world competing to become the best Management Consultants. We presented solutions to problems faced by a fictional Oil & Gas company. Speaking skills, research skills and feasibility of solutions were tested.
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Amazon Hackathon Pragyaan
Hyderabad, 2014

Winners of the 24-hour hackathon held by Amazon in team of 3. Built a full-fledged responsive web app to help newspaper publishing teams to collaborate more efficiently for the theme "Improve collaboration" for Amazon Teams.

Winner and Best Female Contestant
Barclays Hackathon, Pune, 2014

Winner of the 18-hour hackathon held by Barclays in team of 4. Built a responsive web app to help Barclays customers manage their money more effectively by visualizing their data for the theme "Show them the Money".
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Highest Committed Student Branch Activist Award
Mumbai, 2014

Awarded for recognising efforts for working on technical events for the student community across India. Held events like Android App Development, Windows 8 App Development, Debugging, Programming Concepts, Rooting Android Phones, JavaScript & Jquery, Adobe After Effects, Joomla, C++ Programming etc