Feed Optimization System based on Quality Filtering

International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887)
Volume 106 – No.1, November 2014
The paper presents an algorithm that ranks content in an ecosystem according to quality by considering user interests, article category, domain expertise of a user, quality rating of an article, and its future popularity and user activities in the ecosystem.


Stackable File System - BKPFS

A stackable file system which creates versions of every file on a Linux system.
About 2000 lines of kernel code and 150 lines of user level code for Linux 4.20.
All code is private since it was a part of CSE 506 assignment. To request access, email me here.
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System Call for Linux - cpenc

A new module-loadble system call which encrypts/decrypts/copies files has been created.
About 400 lines of kernel code and 200 lines of user level code for Linux 4.20.
All code is private since it was a part of CSE 506 assignment. To request access, email me here.
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Monopoly Playing AI Agent

Built an agent to play Monopoly board game. Contains greedy agent, fixed policy agent (based on statistics) and a reinforcement learning agent. Ranked 5th when playing against fellow competitor agents from class CSE 519. Also built an adjudicator to create a common platform to play agents against each other.
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Google Analytics Revenue Prediction

A data science project to predict customer revenue for Google Analytics using XG Boost. Used external datasets to derive more domain knowledge to predict better.
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New York Taxi Fare Prediction

A data science project to predict New York City's Taxi Fare based on Linear Regression/Random Forest given previous history of 5.5 million rows.
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Started a SaaS start-up in Fukuoka, Japan serving 5 clients including:
- Music Tuition Management Site
- Food website
- Real Estate Management
- Orphange website

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Autonomous Driving System

This project is an effort at developing an autonomous system for self-driving automobiles that enables the vehicles to intelligently detect and avoid obstacles, optimize path selection and enhance dynamic decision making capabilities.

Learning Management System

Built a complete Learning Management System website from scratch for a mid-sized company for employee training in PHP. Various features for trainers, employees, managers and administrators with different dashboards.

Space the fest - Android Application

Android Application to guide event attendees while showcasing and promoting the best of the event.

bankit - Responsive Web App

Built a responsive web app to help Barclays customers manage their money more effectively by visualizing their data for the theme "Show them the Money".
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Newspress - Collaborative Web App

Built a full-fledged responsive web app to help newspaper publishing teams to collaborate more efficiently for the theme "Improve collaboration" for Amazon Teams.

Fitness Fiesta - VB Application

Built an advance Database Management System using, MySQL for gym to manage employees, customers and their data. Sophosticated billing and report generation too.

Guess the Word - Java Applet

Built a Java Applet simulating the popular word game Text Twist. Involved building a dictionary and running multiple threads for the applet.